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Fitness Testing and Movement Screens

The folks here at E.R.H. offer a variety of services. One in particular is the Fitness Assessment and Movement Screen. Some of those components are:

  • Flexibility Assessment


  • Sub-Max VO2 Testing


  • Upper/Core/Lower body strength testing


  • Functional Movement Screen



Validate Your Testing

E.R.H. professionals have been testing and validating programs for years! Over 8000 job related ability tests proctored.

Get your program validated today! We can even help you create new hire agility tests and annual incumbent testing.


Back Injuries lead the way!

The number 1 leading injury with Public Safety personnel is back and strains & sprains. Having a healthy back, strong core will keep those responders on the job longer and decrease other medical issues.


If your department could pin point some of the causes of these and other injuries, would you not take that next step towards recovery?


That is where we come in! E.R.H. can help you find some of those route causes, mitigate them and implement programming to lessen the probability of incidence.


Resources //

Police Injury Rates

International Association of Chiefs of Police

The IACP Center For Officer Safety & Wellness. The Bureau Of Justice Assistance of Chiefs of Police. A Summary of Data Findings and Recommendations ... Identifying potential danger and shielding their officers from injury. ... Bureau of Justice Statistics, the National Institute of Justice, the Office of Juvenile Justice and


National Fire Protection Association

November 2014

The NFPA report shows the relationship between firefighter injuries and incidents.




Department of Labor


The Bureau of Labor Statistics has many tools for employers and administrators to use with Incident Rates. Here is a link to the Rate Calculator:



Video //

Functional Training Circuit

Dynamic Warmup Stretch

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