South Carolina Firefighters Fitness Initiative Team-SCFFIT

SCFFIT was created by Fire Service fitness professionals within South Carolina to instruct, teach and assist Public Safety Departments with implementing Health & Wellness Programs. SCFFIT is a Stand-Alone Committee.


The purpose of this program is to bring awareness to public safety personnel about Health & Fitness. Guide public safety personnel through easy to use daily routines. We are proud to partner with many organizations across the state in these efforts.

This working group is comprised of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from across the state ranging from firefighters all the way up to Chief rank. Utilizing years of fire service and Health & Fitness education ranging from 5 to as much as 30 years in.

We hope to give SC fire service and the fire service as a whole, a place and group they can call upon to guide and assist them with ALL their Wellness needs. Lets change the stigma. Lets make Firefighters known for their physical prowess and a profession ALL citizens can admire for their overall health!

The first ever:

1st Quarter-SCFFIT Health & Wellness Newsletter

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Wellness isn't whole without Behavioral Health:

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